Topic: Raspberry pi + RME ?

Could be interesting as a low-cost  way to add HDMI display to a Fireface UFX?

Low-cost(hardware) way to add usb recording /playback + HDMI display to a Babyface / Fireface UC.

Does it have potential?


Re: Raspberry pi + RME ?

I don't see how that should or would work.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Raspberry pi + RME ?

Hi, Raspberry could be a very handy way to use my Babyface for playback without need to run a computer/laptop. My only concern is will there be a driver for Babyface for Windows 10 IoT Core … pc-run-it/ which is a subset of Windows 10?

Re: Raspberry pi + RME ?

The RPi doesn't really run Windows 10. There's no gui, no file manager, nothing for the user.

Windows 10 on the RPi is just a compatibility layer that enables you to write programs (.net, C#...) on a Windows 10 PC and transfer those to run on a RPi. And some day, it might even run some Android or iOS apps.

The USB on the RPi is too weak to run multiple channels simultaneously at higher resolutions. 2 in, 2 out will work beautifully at 16/44.1. 8/8 at 48 KHz, 24 bit is already far too much.

It's not a bandwidth thing, but a USB/CPU thing. The RPi has a hefty GPU, but a rather tiny CPU. When it needs to do some heavy lifting (mpeg compression, fi), this task gets offloaded to the GPU. The limit here is that GPU code isn't open sourced, or even documented. Off course, there is a stack of docs, but you need to sign an nda with Broadcomm first. And even if you did, there's only about five people on this planet that know how to code for that GPU.

It's gotten a little better with the Pi 2, since this is a quadcore. Sadly, for audio over USB, you can only use one core. That said, I'll be running test again some day to see if there is enough improvement to change my mind ;-)