Topic: Using Korg nanoKontrol for Fireface Mixer

Totally new to mapping keys and midi controls inside of an application like fireface mixer.

Can anyone point me to documentation describing the midi channels, keys, etc required to control the fireface mixer with a device such as the nanoKontrol? I have checked the detail in the manual for the fireface 800 and there are Mackie references, but it doesn't describe what keys each control in fireface mixer is expecting. Some random controls are functional, balance on a couple of the channels, but I can't seem to make any correllation to the nanoKontrol configurator.

A map of what each control inside of fireface mixer is programmed to listen to when midi control is enabled would be great.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Using Korg nanoKontrol for Fireface Mixer

Look at the second post: … 38#p115338