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I'm having a heck of a time converting two mono 24/96 tracks from RF64 to W64.

I use Cakewalk Sonar for mixing and it does not support RF64.

I have tried exporting the tracks to FLAC using Audacity with the intent to import them into Sonar, but this didn't work. Sonar read the FLAC files as 0 length regardless of how short a time I exported.

I would try to us Ardour to work with the files in Linux Ubuntu Studio, but the only drive partition I have that is readable by both Windows and Linux is Fat 32 and the files are 5+ GB in size and I don't seem be able to move them across this partition. I get the error 'File is to large for destination file system'.

I suppose I could try uploading the WAVs to the cloud, downloading to Linux, working with the files, uploading to cloud, downloading to Windows.

Right now, I'm playing the mono tracks back into Sonar 1 at a time. Unfortunately, I saved them last night as mono wav files (separate file for each wav).

So I'm going to have to spend 10 hours playing the music back into Sonar.


Am I going about this wrongly? Is there a way to export as W64 rather than RF64?

Re: RF64 to W64

I was successfully able to use the free tool WaveShop … p_redirect
To convert the RF64 WAV files to W64 Wave files which can be used within Sonar.


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I think you'll find a program called Super by eRight software will convert it as well. It converts just about any combination of audio and or video files to different formats.