Topic: TotalmixFX GUI for DIGICHECK

Any plans on updating Digicheck to match the TotalMixFX look?

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Re: TotalmixFX GUI for DIGICHECK

Whether it matches the TotalMixFX look or not, a little update of Digicheck GUI would be appreciated. It looks a bit outdated for a while.

As working on graphics may not be a priority of RME (what I understand), what about making it skinable ? It gave pretty good results for the old TotalMix with nice user creations.

BTW, thanks to RME team for all the updates. On other forums like, user of old RME soundcard (like me and my Multiface I) are delighted and grateful to still have such updates for old products.

I have to buy an new sound card for my new laptop witch has no PCMCIA port and it will be an RME again. smile