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Topic: BFpro & MSWindows: multiple audio-in/out-devices?

Does the driver and hardware of the BabyfacePro allow the user to configure multiple audio-out-devices in MS Windows (7 or later) that can be assigned to certain tracks of the BFs TotalMix-software?

Does the same work for several audio-in-devices? So i could route audio to certain tracks of TotalMix, which then are send to assigned audio-in-devices in Windows, which again are assigned to certain programs (that support configuration of a specific audio-in-device)?

Background info, which is hopefully not too confusing to understand (it's a rather complex setup): I am currently using a virtual soundcard-mixer-software (Voicemeeter Banana) together with a so-called virtual-audio-cable. In this setup i configured:

- a microphone to a physical input
- headphones to a physical output
- speakers to a separate physical output
- some music-player-software to a virtual output-device
- windows-standard-audio to an auxiliary virtual output-device
- voice-chat-program-output to a virtual audio-cable
- one virtual input-device for a streaming-software
- 2nd virtual input-device for a voice-chat-program

With this setup i can in one single window configure the mixing-software to:

- mute my microphone globally, with a shortkey-combination
- route the microphone, so it will only be recorded in one or more of the following: streaming-software, voice-chat-software, direct output to speakers and/or headphones
- route the music of the audio-player to one or more of the above  four outputs
- enable/disable the output of the voice-chat to the streaming-software
- route  the standard windows-output to one or more of the four outputs
- balance the volume-levels of all inputs/outputs and store them in presets

Is something like this possible with the BFPro and TotalMix? I would like to do this without software-mixing to improve latency and sound-quality as well as reduce CPU-usage.

Re: BFpro & MSWindows: multiple audio-in/out-devices?

Yes, it's possible, and slightly less complicated to set up than the system you use now. Loopback in TotalMix FX allows you to send an output (which can be a mix of input and playback audio) back as an input signal, so you don't need the virtual audio cable app. You can store up to 8 mixer snapshots for instant recall.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: BFpro & MSWindows: multiple audio-in/out-devices?

Ah, great news. Thanks for the reply.

Out of curiosity:
How many TotalMixTracks can in theory be assigned to different programs? Or the same question in a different variation: How many audio-in- and and audio-out-devices can be configured at the same time?

Re: BFpro & MSWindows: multiple audio-in/out-devices?

Babyface Pro has 12 in and 12 out (4 analog + 8 ADAT), so that is the maximum I/O available. But you can also assign multiple software to use a single or stereo output channel if needed.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.