Topic: Babyface Major Issues Out of The Blue

To Whom This May Concern

Please help me out, I am dazed and confused....

I have begun to have major issues with my Babyface that have just popped up out of the blue. I have installed the latest driver and am up to date on the Flash update so I do not think it is driver related and I never have had issues like this before.

The unit is passing signal and I can route out to headphones, monitors and software, but for no reason that I can discern the signal just plain cuts out to internal effects inside Totalmix (reverb and/or delay) and my DAW is no longer is receiving a signal although routing has not changed. Sometimes powering down the Babyface works, others not. Sometimes restarting the computer works and sometimes not. Is the Babyface on its last legs or can there be an answer that I just cannot see.

I am on an i7 3770 Asus computer.

Thanks For Your Time...