Topic: MADI Router remote control

I am looking to see when the remote control software might be available?

Any Alpha or Beta versions available?

Re: MADI Router remote control

They don't seem to have any plans to create a stand-alone remote control application, but they do have a very under-publicised online app on which you can create routing files, and download them to a USB drive which can then be transferred to the MADIrouter:

much easier than using the front panel, but not a real-time patching solution.

Re: MADI Router remote control

I did know about the online routing option and use it but it would be much better to have an application, or part of TM that would allow us to modify it in place with a GUI.

While we are on the subject, an option to save router files to USB would be awesome as well.

Anyone know if it recieves MIDI control, command line, or other control protocol one could make such an application to control it with?

Re: MADI Router remote control

The certificate of this tool has expired and should be renewed to be able to see that this is really the RME server.

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