Topic: ADI-2 DAC Firmware Update 10 DSP 19

This is our first firmware update for the new ADI-2 DAC. The DAC is already based on all the achievements of ADI-2 Pro firmware development over one year, so there will not be as many firmware updates as seen with its big brother. Here are the news for FPGA version 10 and DSP version 19.

- Further fine-tuned SteadyClock FS for less jitter

- Option Polarity is now also available in modes DSD and DSD Direct

- Switching the unit off, display and LEDs will go out simultaneously

- Fix: In AutoDark mode a key press on a Remapped key at the unit did not activate the illumination again

- Fix: Impedance-based level meters did not work correctly

Download Windows Flash Tool:

https://archiv.rme-audio.de/download/fu … ce_win.zip

Download Mac Flash Tool:

https://archiv.rme-audio.de/download/fu … ce_mac.zip

Matthias Carstens

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Re: ADI-2 DAC Firmware Update 10 DSP 19

Editing this because my bug report was a false alarm. Turns out the first update I tried did not make it to 100% completion which caused my RME ADI-2 not to work. The second time I tried the update I got the verification message at the end.

So all is good.