Topic: Problem with a PCI card!

Hello ,

Sorry but, yes, it's me again big_smile lol
my card is a 1.5rev DIGI9652 not HDSP...

I did check the card and it worked with MAC eprom before I switched the eprom to the WIN one.
Now the card just wont install? It kind of a starts to install but never finishes...or if it does it doesn't work,
crashes my daw and so on...

Please don't come with the's an old card and we don't .......blablabalbalbalablablabalbalbalbalba

I need this card, and I won't buy a new one! Period!
Need this baby to work.I already spent money on this one and it's not rose to die on me just like that!

I work with win7 32bit and I'm running a SAC software that kicks ass......and I won't change the system as CLA would never change the SSL 4000G+ in his studio,nor his Sony Digital tape machine big_smile
It's outdated I know......but I'm fine with it and it does the job better than anything else lol any console out there!
Just want to add this card, so we could expand the system with another 24ch of I/o   

Please be kind and advice me...

Do I have to do some firmware or whatever update to the card when swithing eproms????

Thanx & wish you
All the Best!

Re: Problem with a PCI card!


there are no firmware updates here.

It would help, however, if you could be more specific about the following:

operationwhat wrote:

Now the card just wont install? It kind of a starts to install but never finishes...or if it does it doesn't work, crashes my daw and so on...

What exactly "starts to install"?

Daniel Fuchs

Re: Problem with a PCI card!

OK ...

the problem is the PROM or the little FLASH (W52) eprom.
I ordered that one from US and they provide all sorts of eproms
so they printed a bad one.... an Expensive ONE big_smile

So my question is, for I have o college that can read and write proms,
is the W52 locked, can it be copied or can I ask you guys for the eproms
content iz a zip file so I could make myself one as nobody sells the at all!

The concert is on March 10th and we need those extra 24I/O


Re: Problem with a PCI card!

Please contact your original seller to sort this out. That should be more quick and efficient! AFAIR these chips can not be programmed again.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Problem with a PCI card!

Oh common MC,
don't do that to me ...
I know you have the solution big_smile

And yes, the proms can be writen,
I just need the info that is on the w52 eprom.
I already have that XILINX flash so yes it can be writen big_smile
RME got to have it somewhere lol

If you don't want to give me, just tell...or at least give info
where to look for a W52 eprom???
The dealer has no clue He was liek.....aaaaaaaaaaa, what card??? oooooooo...
let me chek....ooooooo.....say it again what card??......oooooooooo.....I think.....
ooooooooooooooooo...I said, forget it big_smile

Really, they just sell stuff.

Where as the Roland techs told me that those proms that I've sent them, can't be read,
but we can write new ones.



Re: Problem with a PCI card!

Your posts are quite confusing. How do you know that the reason the card doesn't work correctly is the PROM that you received? It most probably has a sticker W52 on it, so it should be the right one.

Also: this is a XC17Sxx OTP. One Time Progammable, so you can NOT reflash it.

The flash file is available here, but this is the point where our support definitely ends. Good luck.

Matthias Carstens