Topic: MADIface USB and MBPro with USB C

IK had to buy a new MacBookPro and it has only USB C connectors, I bought two different Adapter from USB C to USB 1/2/3 to connect the MADIface USB, but non of them works. The green LED at the MADIface is on, but it does not appear in Apple's CoreAudio nor can it be found by any app.

Is there any hint available to make it work?




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Matthias Carstens

Re: MADIface USB and MBPro with USB C

Thanks MC, it would be nice if Apple gave a warning as they did before when one installed apps that were not from the app store.

Anyhow thanks for the immediate support. It works, even my old fireface 400 works with 3 adapters USB C > Thunderbolt > Firewire 800>Firewire 400. CRAZY!!!

Have a good day

Re: MADIface USB and MBPro with USB C

I filed a bug report with Apple. Let's see what they say about this. IMO you are right, there should at least be e.g. a message popping up in the macOS notification centre that a manual "allow" confirmation is required from the macOS security preferences.

I actually stumbled over this issue again after upgrading to macOS Mojave. The RME drivers were working fine before. I first thought the RME drivers were not compatible with Mojave, but after a while I remembered this security "Allow" issue and found out that I had to confirm this indeed again in the macOS preferences. So now it works again.

However on the other hand I also must add that Totalmix could also just show a popup when being launched, saying "No RME device found. Please check 'System Preferences' -> 'Security' ... " etc. Because the point is, after the Mojave upgrade I did not have to "accept" the Totalmix app, only the RME driver, Totalmix launched and it could have detected this issue by itself and inform the user. Instead I just got an unresponsive broken Totalmix window appearing on the screen after the Mojave ugprade.