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Topic: MADI Router Matrix Question

I have a MADI Router on order, and I've been studying the manual so I can be ready when it arrives.

One question I haven't found the answer to - are the 4 Matrix setups saved in each preset, or are they global to the unit?


Re: MADI Router Matrix Question

Also, if there are any instructions anywhere on using the online router configuration tool, that would be great.

I see the last firmware update was 2014. Is this unit still going to be supported for a while?

Thank you for any information you can provide!

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the Matrix routings are saved in the presets, that's the main use for them. The firmware probably hasn't been updated because the product is very straightforward in what it does with little scope for enhancement. That said, I asked a while back if there was any intention to add the missing capability to SAVE setups to USB ( given it can load them from USB already) and the reply was along the lines of "this product is fully developed". It does what it does, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Re: MADI Router Matrix Question

Hello NJRSound-

Thank you for your reply.  I'm rather surprised at RME's lack of response to this thread - I own several pieces of RME gear and in the rare instance I've had questions,  I've always gotten an answer quickly.

I have received my MADI router and it is installed in my system and working. As you said, all settings in the entire unit are saved in a preset. I used the carefully hidden online web interface to create my programs with few issues.

The only problem I currently see is that the router's outputs do not immediately switch to the parameters of a recalled preset if the new preset is a different sample rate from the last. This is hard to explain, but here's what I mean. 

Optical A is attached to an Antelope Audio Orion HD32, Optical B is attached to an Antelope Audio Orion 32, Optical C is attached to Optical 1 of my HDSPe MADI fx, and optical D is attached to Optical 2 of my HDSPe MADI fx. The Orion 32HD is the master clock for the entire system.  I am not using SMUX, and the entire system is 64/32/16.

Let's say you have the entire system set at 44.1, and you need to change to 96. I'll recall the router preset I've mapped for 96, and set the Orion 32HD for 96. I manually select 96 on the HDSPe MADI fx and set the buffer size I want.

If you look at the monitor section in the bottom of the HDSPe MADI fx settings panel,  it does not automatically show 96/32. In Totalmix, the signals are all going to the wrong places.

But, if you then hit setup on the router and select matrix settings, the router then starts putting out the proper frequency and number of channels, 96/32. It then works flawlessly and is solid as a rock until you need to work at a different sample frequency again.

I am on the latest firmware, 1.33b. Any thoughts on what might be causing this?

Also, I've always wondered why RME devices don't automatically switch to a new sample frequency when slaved to wordclock. You need to set the desired frequency on the MADI card manually, whereupon it syncs perfectly.  All the other pieces of gear I have just automatically switch to the wordclock frequency when they are slaved to the wordclock input.

I do agree that we really need to be able to save presets to USB, or the USB load function is nearly useless unless you create programs with the online web interface.

I will say that once you get the unit to output the proper frequency and number of channels, it is solid as a rock - much more stable than my old SSL X8.

Thank you for your help!