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I'm in Sierra (10.12.6) on a 2009 (flashed to 5,1) 2.93GHz 8-core mac pro (16GB ram) running Logic Pro X as a printing and video playback rig and am experiencing crackling on the inputs of my RayDAT card. It has zero issues whatsoever when I play through input (either sitting still or slaved via MTC), but when I put it into record mode (switching to master) and slave my sequencer (separate computer), I get crackling when signal comes in via ADAT.

Interestingly I do not get any glitches monitoring, despite coming out of the same RayDAT card (albeit from the coax SPDIF connection).

-All drivers and firmware are fully up to date.
-All software and plugins in use are fully up to date.
-Recently upgraded from Snow Leopard and Logic 9, where the same exact hardware configuration worked with no issue.
-MADI card is synced with word clock, and then is directly connected to the RayDAT to sync (via "sync in" cable). External machines delivering ADAT signal are clocked from ADAT out of RayDAT.
-Selecting RayDAT or HDSPeMADI card as clock source (or toggling drift correction) in Audio Devices has zero effect -- problem remains.

I suspect this issue is related to either Logic or OSX, but would love to know if anyone here has any ideas.

Re: Raydat Crackling in record (aggregate)

Actually I take it back that there are no issues during play through input.  I have two separate sources running through two different ADAT cables into the RayDAT and I get the same issue on both.  But, again, zero problems with the SPDIF output from the RAYDAT.


Re: Raydat Crackling in record (aggregate)

Did you update the RayDAT card to firmware 16? Current HDSPe MADI firmware is 33.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Raydat Crackling in record (aggregate)

doh, i stand corrected.  Evidently my firmware was a step back.  I'll see if that does the trick, thank you

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Yeah, even with updated firmware I get the same issue.

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hmm may sound stupid, but did you check MacOS audio midi setup and sound in general,
maybe some other process or application is using (and locking) some input or output causing dropouts of entire interface?

also can you check with different DAW (Reaper for ex.) if problem is same, to determine if Logic is the culprit?

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