Topic: Firmware Updates ADI-2 Pro 183 / 88 and DAC 23 / 23

FPGA firmware 183 (Pro/AE/Pro FS/Black Edition) and 23 (DAC) brings a new control circuit to make the Class Compliant mode even more compatible. We had observed limitations in higher sample rates with various hosts, like music servers, network players or tablets (not Mac computers, iPhones or iPads). Our new USB asynchronous control loop circuit for Class Compliant mode now operates perfectly even with such hosts and ensures full data transmission performance.

Additionally DSP version 23 for the DAC fixes the missing mute of the IEM output in DSD Direct mode. The unit now switches to Line Out whenever DSD Direct is active and DSD is played back (and of course reverts as soon as PCM is played).

Firmware downloads:

https://archiv.rme-audio.de/download/fu … ce_win.zip

https://archiv.rme-audio.de/download/fu … ce_mac.zip

Matthias Carstens