Topic: RayDat as Main Audio Interface?

Firstly I mainly use my setup for in the box orchestral sample libraries, so my focus is on playback and recording MIDI.

I originally bought the RayDAT when I was using a Mackie D8B as a way to bring it into my Mac. Since then its largely become a bit redundant apart from offering an avenue for adding hardware synths (which I rarely touch now).

My main issue presently is that I use Logic Pro with Kontakt and host a lot of the VSTs in VEP 6 and when you add the latency of VEP on to the latency of the setting I have for my DAW there is a noticeable lag on short articulations.

I dont seem to be able to get lower than 512 samples in Logic without issues with dropouts. And when you add the VEP latency it ends up being sometimes double that.

So I wondered if I were to use the RayDat as the main audio interface and use the Impact Twin to monitor by using either the SPDIF or ADAT connections between both whether I would get much better latency performance, or whether the extra routing would leave me no better off?

I have the following setup:

MacPro 5,1 Dual 3.46hz
128GB Ram
OSX Sierra
Logic Pro X 10.4.2
TC Electronic Impact Twin as main Audio Interface