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Topic: Connecting external controller via AIO midi in, or USB ?

Dear RME forum friends,
I am newbie and don't understand, is there a benefit with connecting a midi controller keyboard to computer via AIO's own 5-pin midi-in port, or may I just as well use a normal USB port and still benefit from the same low latency?

Controller in question is Akai MPK225 that has both 5-pin midi and USB, and DAW is Ableton Live 10

(I would prefer USB, because using midi-in port I am unable to receive Live's clock signal in the controller keyboard but via USB it's receiving the signal just fine)

Best regards from Finland, harri j.

Re: Connecting external controller via AIO midi in, or USB ?

No benefit if usb works. You can also connect both usb and midi if needed for whatever reason. I have to do that with my novation circuit, since when the circuit editor is open since it blocks the usb port from reaching cubase (just an example).

Vincent, Amsterdam
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