Topic: ADI-8 DS buttons no longer working

My ADI-8 DS seems to have problems. It was working fine for years and today none of the buttons on the front panel work. The unit is still passing signal, but the sample rate is set to 48kHz and I can’t change it to 44.1.

The unit is connected via ADAT to a FF800 (same setup for years without issues). I can manually change the clock in the Fireface software settings to 44.1 kHz but I can no longer change the ADI-8, which results in problems with the audio.

Any idea what the problem is? Is there a way to reset the unit somehow? I tried powering off for a while but doesn't help. Thanks!


Re: ADI-8 DS buttons no longer working

That is a new issue I never heard about. There is no reset, so it would be time for a service check...

Matthias Carstens