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Topic: Routing audio between RME cards

I own a HDSP(e) MADI FX card and the manual says that if I were to install another one each one would have their own separate Totalmix FX software.

I would like to clarify the following:

  • 1. Is this restriction the same for any RME cards or just for HDSP(e) MADI FX?

  • 2. I.e. If I were to install a HDSPe AES would Totalmix FX still be separate for both cards?

  • 3. Routing audio between two HDSP(e) MADI FX (or other RME) cards is possible via a DAW only but not on a hardware level?

Many thanks!


Re: Routing audio between RME cards

1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Only by externally connecting the cards via AES, ADAT, MADI...

Matthias Carstens

Re: Routing audio between RME cards

Question from my side in regards to question 3.

If he would activate DAW mode (and by this deactivating the "additional TM FX layer" entirely).

Then all inputs from the 2 cards would be visible in the DAW, as well as all the ouputs.
So if he would entirely route inside of the DAW ...
My understanding is, that he can route then between the two cards, by i.e.
routing several inputs from both cards to i.e. a Cubase groupand from there to different outputs.

Or is my understanding in that regards wrong ?

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Re: Routing audio between RME cards

That is pretty much exactly what he wrote in point 3. DAW works (even without DAW mode of TM FX), TM FX doesn't.

Matthias Carstens