Topic: RME ADI 2 PRO in multichannel (USD interface mode)

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I am trying to use the unit as a 2 in 6 out for music production in USB mode

1 / 2 in – recording
1 / 2 out – playback
3 / 4 out – outbound signal A from DAW
AES out – outbound signal B from DAW

Just so you can understand what I am trying to achieve, I am trying to take signal A out then run it into a sidechain of an analogue compressor. Then take signal B and run that into the input of the compressor. I wish to then take the output of the compressor into 1 / 2 recording [using only 1 mono]

My digital audio workstation is recognising all outputs and inputs as stereo pairs and as separated mono.

However, when plugging in my converter cable I immediately get both AES and SPDIF output signal replicated from output 1/2?
>I attach an image for your convenience.

I have read the manual excessively but I just cannot seem to find the solution to how all 8 outputs/6inputs are independently separated in USB mode.

To my understanding this can be done directly from RME adi2PRO to USB without any need for additional hardware.

I am successfully able to use analogue 3/4 as an output (TS front headphone out [left socket])
I just cannot get AES out to function as a separate output channel for a separate signal from DAW

Looking forward to your assistance. I am really stuck sad

Re: RME ADI 2 PRO in multichannel (USD interface mode)

image for you here guys

Re: RME ADI 2 PRO in multichannel (USD interface mode)

Hi, maybe you need to set class-compliant mode to multichannel?