Topic: Home theater 5.1 with ADI-2 ?


I wish to prepare a 5.1 listening aerea for watching movies with Blue-Ray, Netlix etc.
Something that is easy to use, also for family, but with a good sound.
Available Hardware: MacBook, ADI-2 PRO, ADI-2, Digiface USB, various interfaces, Genelecs 8320 and subwoofer.
Any suggestion?
(Sorry if the topic was yet discussed).

Re: Home theater 5.1 with ADI-2 ?

I suggested already in a different thread to use i.e.
RayDAT, ADI-2 Pro FS (to also get headphone preamp) and 3x ADI-2 FS.
RayDAT for your mac maybe with an extension cabinet if you have thunderbolt.

Otherwise i.e. Digiface USB with 4xADAT/SPDIF and 4x ADI-2 FS or a combination of ADI-2 Pro and ADI-2 FS.

X10SRi-F, Win7 Prof, Cubase 9.5, UFX+, Octamic XTC, ADI-2 Pro FS BE/DAC, RayDAT, ARC USB

Re: Home theater 5.1 with ADI-2 ?

thanks ramses, this is clear. The fog is here: What kind of interface (format converter) I need between, for example, TV, Blu Ray player and Digiface USB>ADI-2s in order to have all channels from all formats available in Toslink? HDMI>Optical?
Thanks again