Topic: Digiface PCI with recent macOS possible?

I just installed a PCI-digiface in my hackintosh running macOS 10.14 (not expecting hackintosh support specifically here) and it's sort of mis-recognised as MADI (7) and not working. That is with the 4.11 driver.

With the 1.73 driver I get simply nothing, Mojave lets me install but it's like nothing's there. On the downloads page it says for the 1.73 driver that it "also" supports PCI and ExpressCards for Multiface, Digiface etc. Does "also" imply that the 4.11 does NOT support these anymore?

If so, I understand and will just move on, after all this is old stuff and in the Apple universe basically prehistoric. But the way it's formulated on the driver-download site, it's a little unclear and I'd just like to make sure that the problem is not one of configuration (or simply hackintosh for that matter).