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this is not supposed to be a discussion about the pros and cons of MQA!!

I just want to know if a software implementation of MQA decoding for the RME Dac is possible or maybe even already planned?

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Is MQA free software or is a license fee required ?

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Re: MQA is it possible?

ramses wrote:

Is MQA free software or is a license fee required ?

From the wiki

Commercial MQA-capable playback devices require payment of a royalty to MQA Ltd per unit sold. Based on information from Auralic, a manufacturer of Audiophile Wireless Audio Streamers, Meridian Audio prohibits digital output of unpacked MQA in any digital format, only allowing the unpacked data to be fed to an on-board MQA-compatible DAC and output in analog form. Some claim this to be a part of DRM process[15], which allows a proper MQA file to be authenticated and the full quality of the signal decoded only on commercially licensed equipment.


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Re: MQA is it possible?

RME units will not support MQA for the forseeable future.

Matthias Carstens