Topic: ADI 2 FS vs ADI 8 DS (old grey version)

Hello and greetings to everyone, first post here smile

I was going to contact the Rme support but I thought to post here since someone else could be interested in this topic and hoping from an answer from one of the guys from the support area.

So, I have a hybrid mixing setup in which I run 16 channels from Cubase into an A&H GS3 console through a Rme adi 8 Ds and a Rme adi 8 Pro and back to the daw through 2 inputs of the Rme adi 8 Ds, all is Adat connected to a M-Audio lightbridge.

I find that the conversion is very good even if those are "old" converters but I never tried much more, I was wondering if I would find a significant difference in recording back to the daw through one of the new Rme Adi 2 FS.

What do you think? Maybe it would be worth to update the "main" converters first? (the Adi 8 pro and Ds)

Thanks in advance to everyone that will give me some suggestions