Topic: What source?

My audio system is currently as follows -
30 year old Threshold pre-amp and amp, Prana Fidelity speakers and some fancy-schmancy interconnects.

I tried connecting my CD player to my Adi-2 dac and the result was astoundingly better than anything I had heard before from this system.
Spotify premium/itunes were good but not awesome.
Then i tried Tidal premium and it sounded a lot better.
Yesterday I was messing with my mac setting..and let the Tidal software control the DAC directly. And it seemed like the music i was listening to .. sounded better.
So it would seem that I am hitting a bottle neck with my source.. I would like to try a source thats better and see if the rest of my chain can keep up.
What would you guys recommend? Should i try SACD? i can try some old blu-ray player and hook it up to this DAC.

Re: What source?

You can connect your mac to RME via usb and use audirvana as player .
Then play wav ,dsd or anything else