Topic: ADI-2 DAC SPDIF DoP Burst of Static at Track Beginning

Sending a DSD64 DoP signal via optical results in a ~1.0 sec burst of static at the beginning of the first track. The State Overview screen shows State, Bit and SR flashing during the burst. The signal then syncs and shows a DSD State with the track playing without issue. Subsequent DSD64 tracks played as part of a playlist do not exhibit the static burst. If I pause the DSD64 track then restart the burst of static is also heard.

Is this the 'low volume click noise' that is referenced in the manual section 17.3 when changing between PCM and DSD? Two other DSD/DoP capable DAC's (Topping D50 and Chord 2Qute) using the exact same signal chain do not exhibit this static burst.

I have the latest firmware loaded on the AD-2 DAC

Signal chain: Roon ROCK > Ethernet > Raspberry Pi/HifiBerry Digi+ Pro > Optical > ADI-2 DAC