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I can’t find out how to store and remove presets from the EQ. How can I for instance save a temporary EQ setting to a certain preset? How can I remove an existing preset. The manual does not make it clear for me.


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You remove a specific preset by dialing everything to zero and delete its name. Or overwritiing it with a different preset (I have one Preset called 'Linear' for such purposes). As there is no Undo we intentionally did not add a simple 'delete' function for single presets.

Saving the temp EQ preset to whatever memory slot is a straight forward process. Just take the time to look at the display and all its details. Step down to the Save function with the temp EQ loaded and select the memory slot with encoder 2...

Matthias Carstens

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Re: Adi2 dac EQ presets


Success?   I hope your able to better utilize the Preset Function on your DAC. can be a bit Daunting at first, and I had to stand there, holding the User Manual, and doing ONE THING AT A TIME until I actually did it right.   The Unit is trying to help you.  Be sure you look at ALL the display info.

A Fine Unit, with Vast Capabilities that are managed with just 3 encoders!  Cool!

Good Luck, and enjoy your new DAC


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