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Topic: ADI-2 DAC ventilation required

I would like to put my unit into a pelican case sealed under a metal plate to protect it from ridiculous circumstance. I would surface mount lines for input/output. A 3d printed little door perhaps for the front panel. The plate would be above the unit acting as a passive heatsink. My concern is that the unit will still overheat. I travel quite a bit with the unit and am tired of being afraid. Thoughts?

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Re: ADI-2 DAC ventilation required

Why not just use the Pelikan Case for transport ? Unpack the ADI-2 * during use, then nothing would overheat.

Or what is your concrete use case?

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Re: ADI-2 DAC ventilation required

The DAC will not overheat.

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Re: ADI-2 DAC ventilation required

I've made some fun custom cases before that allowed me to leave devices in the case for even more protection (oops protection). I've never felt the unit even remotely warm so I doubt overheating is likely. My previous device mounted to a little shelf that could be pulled out of the case. That would be my backup for this too.

Re: ADI-2 DAC ventilation required

Thanks for the confirmation MC. As I said I don't think it's ever even been warm. Well done RME.