Topic: UFX usb problem (23467424)

I got a RME UFX interface, and i got work fine since and old actualization but the last update,when i use the usb to flash (i never use usb to manage audio just Firewire) stop working and show a yellow scaling symbol and restart interface all time, i think is not posible the usb port is damaged becouse i never use it. the code is 23467424 i have a desktop pc i use all time whit the interface and work properly and on adition i try on a laptop and on both nothing happens

cubase 10, AMD phenom II x6 1100T procesor 3.71GHz ssd hard drives 16gb ram.

Re: UFX usb problem (23467424)

in adition, i test the ipad usb connection and works perfectly is a matter of flash version i cannot fix, any advice?

Re: UFX usb problem (23467424)

It seems the unit is in Class Compliant Mode if it works with iPad. Set CC Mode OFF on the front panel menu for use with the PC.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.