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sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but i can't seem to find the answer by searching. I have a babyface pro and just bought a new USB microphone (EDITOR'S KEYS SL300). i can't seem to get total mix to recognize the USB input. it works in my DAW, but when i try to monitor i get nothing in my headphones connected to total mix. the only way i can make it work is by turning in monitoring in ny DAW but then  i get a doubling echo effect. any help would be appreciated.

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Re: routing a USB Mic into Totalmix

You need a normal microphone you connect to your babyface with a XLR. This will not work as you noticed. There is no direct connection between the mic and the rme so only via software (your daw) and there will always be a delay.

But you don't mention your computer, not even mac or windows. It will not matter much, still the wrong mic.

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Re: routing a USB Mic into Totalmix

ASIO4ALL would be the only (ugly) solution.
Better buy a real Mic.

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Re: routing a USB Mic into Totalmix

Maybe this can help?


Re: routing a USB Mic into Totalmix

Sorry all. I’m running El Capitan on a MacBook Pro.