Topic: RME Fireface UFX + MADI question

Hi, im using the RME Fireface UFX + since almost a year now. A couple month ago I expanded the Inputs and Outputs (16 additonal Channels each, Input and Output). I used the Ferrofish Pulse 16 AD/DA Converter with the ADAT 1 + 2 Connection of the RME. Everything worked fine.

Now I want to expand the RME again. Again 16 Channels each. So im using the MADI connection. I bought a Ferrofish Pulse 16MX and connected everything. The RME shows up that MADI connection works fine (Syn, Im using the RME intern master clock). The problem is that i got no MADI channels in the Software Playback of my TotalMIX. Same with the WDM Devices. Analog Channels and ADAT channels are there like before but no MADI channels.

Can you help me ? Whats the problem? The RME is connected with USB 3.0, the sample rate is 48kHz...

Thanks !!


Re: RME Fireface UFX + MADI question

Connected to USB 3, but still only USB 2 working. See Host LED, it is not blue but orange. Check the current Interface Mode in the Display under Setup - Options - Hardware&Diagnosis.

Matthias Carstens