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Topic: Digiface Dante: interfaces disappear from Dante Controller

I am suffering from quite a disruptive intermittent issue where my SSL A16.D16 interface, that is connected to my RME Danteface.. both disappear from the Dante Controller. I am a Logic Pro X 10.4.4 user on a MacPro (Late 2013) with High Sierra 10.13.6.  I don't use any plugins, just straight tracking of audio.  But, there have been constant issues with audio dropouts and it has not been a smooth ride since the addition of the RME Digiface Dante.

When I try using the Dante Virtual Soundcard and remove the Digiface Dante from the configuration, everything functions as normal.  Note: Shortly after this occurs, I visit the Apple Audio MIDI Setup app and it shows a frequency, bitrate that jumps from 44,000 to 48,000 to 176,400 etc... it erratically jumps from 'frequency to frequency' and does not remain stable.

Dante Controller version:
Fireface USB driver: 2.22

When I check the Dante Controller 'Device Config' I can see that both RME Digiface Dante and my A16D16 are missing and under the sample rate 'drop-down' it says "Retrieving model information - please wait..." and that is also displayed under all the other 'drop-down' menus on that page.  Both vanish from the controller.


Re: Digiface Dante: interfaces disappear from Dante Controller

Driver 2.22 does not support the Digiface Dante. You need driver 3.15.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Digiface Dante: interfaces disappear from Dante Controller

So the issues persisted, even after the correct driver installation.

FYI, I was able to resolve this issue, so far... with help from Leigh at the RME distributor in Australia... we changed the USB port on the back of the 2013 Mac Pro... and so far the issue have stopped.  I was plugged into the USB on the rear of the Mac Pro on the bottom right, but now I'm in the Top Left USB port... and the issues have disappeared so far.

Fingers Crossed that's all it was !