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Topic: headphones output on Digiface AVB

Dear all,

we jus got a a M32 AD pro (by the way: it sounds fantastic) a MADIface pro and a Digiface AVB. The Digiface AVB has and headphones output. Unfortunately I'm too stupid to figure out how to do the submix on TotalMix. Totalmix shows 64 hardwareoudputs (even though there is no DA converter hooked up). But non of them seems to be the headphone (aargh).

By the way: It works just perfectly on a mac (more stable than native mac + total mix)... but why on hell is in a new device that costs nearly 1000 euro, no dsp power for eq, dynamics and a (cheap) reverb... That would make ist so much more usable for life.
And a built in switch or at least a second ethernet port would have been fantastic smile But anyways: a good device.

Best regards, Marcus


Re: headphones output on Digiface AVB

There is an Assign button on the lower right. Select Phones 1, then the lowest entry, PH. Phones is not a rec/play channel, but a mix/monitoring output.

Matthias Carstens

Re: headphones output on Digiface AVB

Thank you, works great!