Topic: RayDat paired with SSL AlphaLink AX not locking

Hello All,

Im helping a friend setup his new to him system. But Im having issues locking them together with the RayDat as the master.

I was able to get them locked with clean audio in and out of the AX with it as the master clock. But that took a little finagling because when I assigned ADAT port1 as the clock source in Protools the audio was crackling. When I selected ADAT port2 it was clean. So I temporarily  removed Port 1 ADAT cables and moved the cables from Port 2 to Port 1 and that solved the problem. The cables that were in Port 1 appear to be fine, no kinks or damage of any kind. So the current setup is only using ADAT Port1.

I updated the the RayDat firmware and Drivers to the latest version.
The AX Diag modes are set to default. 
The AX Firmware is version 2.1.

Current SSL AX diagnostic settings
page 1 LED 1-4 to OFF,   LED 5 ON, LED 6-8 OFF
page 2 All LED OFF

There also seems to be an issue with the Hammerfall DSP settings in Protools. Is this the wrong driver?
When clock source is set to internal the sample rate greys out.

Hope someone can help out
Thanks in advance.

Re: RayDat paired with SSL AlphaLink AX not locking

It looks like the AX does not sync to RME clock. Do you have 2 cables for in and out between the 2 units? What is clock source setting in the AX?

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: RayDat paired with SSL AlphaLink AX not locking

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the reply.
There are two adat cables connected to the unit. One on the in put and one on the out put.
I will need to go back to his place monday night and re check the clock source setting.
I'll get back to you then.