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Topic: Considering ADI-2 PRO, Got Some Questions.

Hello guys,

I'm a HDSP 9652 user, and I would like to continue with RME in the future.

I'm shopping for a new PC build, and I can't find a suitable motherboard with PCI to continue using my 9652, although a PCIe to PCI converter could work.

Anyways, I'm shopping for a new hi quality AD/DA, and monitor controller (to be used with 2 pairs of speakers ), and possible room correction (was looking at miniDSP devices) for a slight spectrum correction of an already treated room. Then I saw there is ADI-2 Pro with all the features I need.

My questions are:

1. Are drivers for ADI-2 PRO stellar and fast as all other RME units, I guess they can't be as fast as PCI/PCIe line, but are they same stability -speed as Fireface 802, UFX, Babyface and other RME devices so I can use it just via USB without need for 9652 or Raydat or something similar ?

2. Can these two pair of line-outs be used for two pair of speakers, and can they be switched via front control panel of the unit so I don't need another monitor controller in the path?

3. Could I hook up an external 8 channel AD converter via ADAT and have a total of 10 analog ins 44/48 khz, or it's a just 2 channel ADAT interface ? As far as I know adat support 8 channels 44/48 or am I wrong here?

This 3rd request is not that important, I'm more concern about first two things.

If all of these 3 criteria are satisfied, I'll probably cop it.


Re: Considering ADI-2 PRO, Got Some Questions.

ADI-2 Pro/* do not have TotalmixFX.

I recommend a combination of recording interface with TM FX and ADI-2 Pro/*.

I wrote a blog article how to integrate the ADI-2
Pro/* into such a setup. I  personally use a combination of UFX+ and ADI-2 Pro FS BE.
http://www.tonstudio-forum.de/blog/inde … our-Setup/

The ADI-2 Pro FS has 1 A/D and 2 D/A converter.

To your questions:

XLR and TS outputs are not separate, see manual.

But you can have separate settings between ie
- monitors and phones or
- two different phones

and IIRR the device remembers all settings for
- Analog OUT 1/2 (XLR or phones) and
- AN Out 3/4 for phones

The device can only read the first two channels out of an ADAT stream and also supports optical S/PDIF.

The combination of RME recording interface with TM FX and ADI-2 Pro FS is excellent and I can recommend it much.

X10SRi-F, Win10 Pro 1909, Cubase, UFX+, Octamic XTC, ADI-2 Pro FS BE/R BE, RayDAT, ARC USB