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Topic: Can Digicheck introduce clicks & pops ?

Hello all,

I've had a hard time tracking clicks & pops down but I *think* I found the culprit :

I use lots of external gear analog & digital that I use as "external fx" in Cubendo,
My TC4000 inserted on an fx track was clicking all over the place, double checked cables, connections, digital sync setup, tried all buffer sizes, all options on RME driver settings and in Cubendo's Device Setup...nothing made the clicking/poping stop...until...I closed the two Digicheck windows (one 4 bar level meter and one Totaliser) and there it was ! No more clicking all over the place...

Has anyone ever experienced something like this ?

Should I try to roll back to previous versions of HDSP driver, Totalmix and/or Digicheck ?

my system is :

PC Win7 64 i7 32GB Ram
3 x Digifaces, two on PCI cards (one rev=17, the other rev=55) and the third on a PCIe (rev=20)
Latest HDSP driver,  latest TotalMix, latest Digicheck.
2x UAD-2 Quad PCIe cards.
DAW = Latest Cubase & Nuendo

Best regards


Re: Can Digicheck introduce clicks & pops ?

Please exactly specify the current driver and DC version.
DC can cause clicks and pops in case your system is on the edge. It takes a bit CPU and handles ASIO audio, so...
On the edge in this case could also mean PCI/PCIe load.
You could try changing DC 4 Bar to hardware level meter instead of ASIO.
Is one or both listening to playback signals? Switch to In or Out to see if that makes a difference.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Can Digicheck introduce clicks & pops ?

Hi Matthias, thanks for the quick response.

HDSP driver is v4.05
TotalMix FX is v1.07
DigiCheck is v5.75

I know that DC takes a bit of cpu - I've experienced clicks and pops in the past - but I was nowhere near the edge of the system, I don't even think I had started to throw in some UAD plugins, no tracking either (apart from the TC4000 running as as "external pluging" in Nuendo, I was just starting a mastering session...Today I tried to reproduce the scenario with no luck so I'll try your suggestion (switching from ASIO to hardware level) as soon as the problem appears again

Both DC instances are listening to a software playback stereo bus setup for the sole purpose of metering/analyzing

Any suggestions welcome !

Best regards