Topic: ISP/OVS different algorithm in latest Digicheck?

I am checking ISPs in the files I master everyday, the best tools I have for this are Sonoris Meter (not so sensitive), iZotope RX4 Advanced (pretty sensitive and I tend to trust it) and RME Digicheck (specifically the 2 bar level meter).

RX4 and Digicheck used to pretty much concur, with Digicheck perhaps being slightly more sensitive (a good thing), but I have noticed recently that many masters which show no ISPs in RX4 are showing some or even many in Digicheck.

I was just wondering if the algorithm for detecting ISPs/TruePeak level had changed at all in recent versions of Digicheck. I'm having to lower the threshold on my limiter by more than a dB sometimes, to avoid ISPs, while RX4 is showing none, even with the ceiling at 0.0dB (I generally use 8x oversampling in my limiter to avoid all ISPs).

Just wanted to bring it to your intention in case it's a bug or something! Of course, it could also mean that RX4's OS detection is not very good. smile

Gregg at Hermetech Mastering


Re: ISP/OVS different algorithm in latest Digicheck?

There had been zero change in the code since several versions already. A reason for differences might be that both will not get the signal from the exact same sourcepoint.

Matthias Carstens

Re: ISP/OVS different algorithm in latest Digicheck?

Thanks for the quick reply, MC!

Good point, I guess Digicheck is reading it right before the AES output? (I am using an HDSPe AES, sorry I should have mentioned that before).