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Topic: 5 Minutes of 2 tracks (Out of 7) lost... <Solved>

Using RME DigiCheck 5.62 (on an old laptop and not updated) and my RME UCX (with latest firmware), I made a recording Wednesday Night.

On channels 5+6 only, when I export to single channel Wave files, the files are missing approximately 4 minutes of music (the last song of the night).

I have tried exporting the waves as stereo files. I have exported using both DigiCheck 5.62 and 5.75.

I don't know what to do or why it might have happened.

Any tips or advice are welcome. I still have the original multichannel wave file that I saved the night of the performance.

Re: 5 Minutes of 2 tracks (Out of 7) lost... <Solved>

When I read the multi-track wave in waveshop it shows all the tracks missing the last 4 minutes, but at least once when I exported them I got all the music from all but 2 of the tracks.

Since then, I've been getting very erratic results.

Re: 5 Minutes of 2 tracks (Out of 7) lost... <Solved>

It looks like with dumb luck and annoying repetition I eventually managed to export it with all the audio. Weird.