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Topic: Feature request: DR meter

Would it be possible to integrate a DR meter into Digicheck ? I think this would be very useful.

This type of animation I liked a lot:

Many thanks.

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Re: Feature request: DR meter

The DR number is hip in audiophile circles, but is actually almost as terrible a signifier of perceived loudness as is standard RMS, or VU. None will give you a very accurate understanding of what the human ear perceives. Integrated LUFS (which Digicheck supports) is much closer, but still not perfect. I also very much dispute giving any kind of figure to a whole track (let alone a whole album), when so much music is made up of parts with very varying macro dynamics. If you have to rely on numbers to tell you what the music is doing, or how crushed/over-limited it is, then look at the integrated LUFS of the loudest sections only.

This is what the DR figure is actually doing, from the FB2K component's help file:

"Dynamic Range Value

Below is a description of the DR value calculation:

• Audio samples are read in consecutive windows of 3 seconds (rms window size = 3 seconds).
• The peak and rms value of each window are computed.
• The average of the loudest 20% of the rms windows is computed.
• The DR value is the difference between the peak and the average of the 20% loudest rms windows."

It's not a great way to measure perceived loudness. Huge strides forward have been made in the last few years to arrive at a metering standard which much more accurately represents what the human ear/brain perceives. Do a bit of research into ITU BS.1770-3 and EBU R128. An integrated LUFS meter is a much better gauge of loudness as it also takes frequency and micro dynamics into account.