Topic: ADI-2 pro phase invert?

Yesterday night I connect my new ADI-2 pro to the computer, installed the latest driver and firmware, plugged in a headphone, listened und looked around in settings and found "phase invert" on phone out 3/4. "phase invert" on a phone out? Never saw that before on any headphone amp and I coudn't imagine that it could do anything, as long as only a headphone is connected. But I switched it to "both" and - it changed the sound. Not only a little, it sounds completely different. Now I am scatching my head. How can a simple "phase invert" on a headphone out change the sound? Does this "phase invert" more then changing the polarity of the output signal of both channels? Or missed I something?



Re: ADI-2 pro phase invert?

Yes, you missed the fact that our ears hear mainly pulling pressure, not pushed pressure. Or in one way only. Therefore it is very easy to show and proove with special test signals that a simple polarity change changes the sound massively - which is not an effect of your DAC, amp, speakers or phones, but your inner ear.

On the other hand I was never able to hear a difference with 'normal' music. Real world signals that might  give a difference are typically horns, trumpets etc. If you are into classical music or Jazz then it might be possible to hear the effect. But a 'totally different sound'? That is unlikely.

Matthias Carstens