Topic: ADI-2 PRO - key remapping - short/long press

Key remapping: Absolute great feature, easy to use - thank you.

Imagine you are fiddling around with parameters, filters, EQ, whatever. Then you accidentally hit one of your remapped key with a load setup function mapped - everything is gone - you have to start over.

Wouldn't it be saver to handle the remapped keys in the opposite way as it is implemented now?

Long press: remapped function
Short press: default

Of course you could separate the load of setup functions from time critical functions like mute and handle it in two different ways but that could be confusing for the user.

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Re: ADI-2 PRO - key remapping - short/long press

I agree, but the problem is, when you want quick a/b comparisons it needs to be changed quick.

Would it perhaps be possible to toggle the behaviour on a per key basis by 1 time very long key-press
or 3x quickly within a second ?

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Re: ADI-2 PRO - key remapping - short/long press

To prevent an accidental load of a setup you could display a confirmation message. Another keypress of the same key confirms the load of setup. A timeout (e. g. 5 sec.)  or any other key cancels the action.

Functions like mute could be activated at once.

That would also allow a rapid change between setups for comparison.

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Bernhard Rother

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Re: ADI-2 PRO - key remapping - short/long press

Another idea regarding ergonomics:

Key-Remapping will not be stored in any setup, that is very good and logical.

Wouldn't it be more ergonomic and logical to have a separate page for Key-Remapping?

It would be more clear and you could add an option for setup-load confirmation/savety message, I mentioned before. The Hardware/Diag. page would be less overloaded.

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Bernhard Rother