Topic: Which toslink cable, Does it matter?

I just got u new UFX 2 and at the moment I used the enclosed toslink cable and a cheap 2 euro cable from the Action (discount store).
I was wondering if there is a quality difference and does it matter which toslink cable you should use?
If so any cable suggestions would come in handy

Thanks in advance.

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I've never seen a "bad" optical, but I have seen dozens of broken optical cables.

Don't pull, don't bend.

Re: Which toslink cable, Does it matter?

Am seeing it same way like cyrano.

Maybe an additional information, up to 15m I can confirm this cable works well,
maybe up to 20m will also work. I think this is a little longer than the standard, but works. … k_185731_7

The plug fits nicely on all RME interfaces (RayDAT, UFX, UFX+).
If the plug is too big and the cable is thick, like with the Somercable, then you have too much tension on the connection to the recording interface.

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Re: Which toslink cable, Does it matter?

Thanks that's great I need no more than 3 meters it's just for studio use. I can go for the shorter mutec types