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Just got a newly refurbished 2017 iMac and my Fireface 800 is sadly not registering with my computer. I have a firewire>thunderbolt 2> thunderbolt 2-3 daisy chain.
I used this very same interface on an 2015 iMac with just the Firewire to tbolt 2 adaptor and it worked just fine.
Just looking for options and suggestions to make this work.

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I seem to have the exact same problem.. Did you solve it?


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Re: RME Fireface 800 to 2017 iMac

Got it working now! Re-installed driver, and rebooted. Seems to work fine now, phew!

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Re: RME Fireface 800 to 2017 iMac

I'm running into this exact same issue with the exact same setup as listed in the original post.  When opening TotalMix (my old Fireface Mixer app is gone), I can see audio levels coming out of Ableton and going to my main outs but I'm not hearing any audio.  I also see audio levels on inputs that I've tested, but again, no audio.  I've also cleaned out my drivers, reinstalled, etc. but no luck.

Any suggestions?  Is it possible I'm missing something simple with TotalMix?

Brand new iMac 2017 running 10.13.6 and the FF800 firmware is 2.77.


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Well, I got it working.  It was something stupid and completely unrelated to the FF800.  I nice reminder to always double check your audio chain.