Topic: FF400 & multiface 1 under dualboot OSX

Hi all,

been using both interfaces (the MF via HDSPe-card) under OSX 10.6.8
i have 2 mixers; totalmix and fireface mixer

now i added a 2nd partition with OSX 10.11.6
installed drivers for both interfaces, both working, but the 2nd mixer wont show up
(settings for both interfaces do work-> FF settings, HDSPe settings)

i started with the FF400, then MF

does it depend in which row i install the interfaces ? should i copy the lost mixer app from my 10.6.8 system ?

thx in advance

Re: FF400 & multiface 1 under dualboot OSX

Both interfaces will show in one TotalMix window in 10.11.6. You can switch between them with the drop-down menu at the top right hand corner.