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Topic: HDSPe MADI/SSL Alphalink AX MADI Enhanced Total Mix ?

Question 1) What exactly is "Enhanced Total Mix" in the PCIe version ?
              2) If I use a SSL Alphalink AX MADI with the RME PCIe MADI card, will I be able to use TotalMix across all possible 48 ins and outs such as the Analog channels and the ADATS to create submixes ?
              3) Is the only way to Upgrade the SSL Alphalink firmware still only with a Mixpander card ?
              4) Can anyone give me real world examples of low latencies with the RME Card ?
              5) Would keeping my FF 800 and configuring it as an additional ADAT device be a good choice with the SSL Alphalink ?
Sorry for all the questions, but response to any of them would be helpful.  Been combing the forum and reading manuals.  Just want to make sure on some of these questions.


Re: HDSPe MADI/SSL Alphalink AX MADI Enhanced Total Mix ?

1) AFAIK - PCIe MADI Has Loopback (PCI MADI card doesn't).  In addition, the PCIe's 1/4" analog out uses the converters form the ADI-8 QS to get round-trip latency down a bit lower (ONLY if using the PCIe MADI card's 1/4" output for monitoring though).

2) Yes.  The Alphalink's I/O will come across over MADI (if configured as such), and TotalMix will be able to mix any of the 48 I/O's as you desire.  If you have the PCIe MADI, you can still use channels 49-64 for any "Loopback" channels so you aren't wasting your actual physical I/O's.

3) Unfortunately, yes.

4) I run "native" with Nuendo & RME MADI & SSL Alphalinks 24/7.  I've never had a single latency complaint in my setup - and I hover around 4-5ms round-trip in most projects (still need to do an actual test including a "Real" project with tons of busses and VST's, etc).  Straight Analog-to-Analog via ASIO @ 32-Samples reports something like 3.2ms with the "Centrance Latency Tester".  Granted, your PC's useable CPU Power is compromised when running at 32-Samples of ASIO - but I simply build faster PC's and overclock the snot out of them to cope :-) (SB-E i7-3820 @ 4.8GHz).

5) Would work fine as long as clocking and the Alphalink's ADAT>MADI routing is set correctly.

In short: RME MADI + SSL Alphalink = Pure Heaven (and rather affordable for what you get).

Enjoy! cool

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Re: HDSPe MADI/SSL Alphalink AX MADI Enhanced Total Mix ?

Thanks for the quick response.  I saw on the other posts your setup.  I am using Cubase 6.5.  I have SSL gear (X-desk and X-Panda Setup), also SSL E-Signature Channel Strips(2), so I am sure the Alphalink would sound great.  A while ago when I first started using Totalmix it was a little challenging at first.  Now I do not want to leave it.  Thanks for all the answers.  I agree RME + SSL is a great combo and best value also.


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Re: HDSPe MADI/SSL Alphalink AX MADI Enhanced Total Mix ?

hey guys, seems we have the same set up interests.

will my fireface ufx ll convert the ssl x-desk punch & clearity well?

my goal is to go mpc live (drum computer) and analog synths, summing (playing/recording live) on the x-desk, out through a pair of neve shelford channels (on the master out?) inside my fireface ufx ll.

also would you recommend the shelford channels on the master or as aux effect to tweak per channel?
x-desk connectivity db25 to 8 trs ufx input should not be any problem correct?

that is if i can get my head around totalmix in the next few weeks ;)

would love to hear some thoughts

sonic blessings

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