Topic: PCI Multiface will not set system clock to 44.1k

I've been successfully using this XP computer with a pair of Multiface/PCI cards using SAWStudio for at least 3 years with no issues.  Today the system clock in the HDSP settings sets itself to 48k and will not change to 44.1k, where I have my SAW session set.  I have only analog I/O hooked up - no ADAT, or SPDIF.  Everything worked less than a week ago... today it doesn't.

The settings have always initially showed something different than what they do after sync is established.  I always set SAW as the Master and slave both cards to the system.

Unfortunately, I don't understand enough of what goes on and haven't needed to deal with this sort of thing in many years, so I am at a loss as to what the problem is, or how to resolve it.  I have tried reinstalling the RME drivers (yes, they're quite old, but work very well for this computer), but that did nothing.  I also tried a cold boot and resetting the boxes.  I'm hoping somebody may have an answer, or suggestion on how to go about troubleshooting the problem further.

I'd like to include 2 screen shots showing the initial settings when I first open the HDSP window (it shows this every time I open it) and also the changed setting in the system clock box after the 2 cards show sync, but I can't figure out how to insert them into this message post.

Basically, the system clock initially shows 44.1k and would usually stay at 44.1k.  The AutoSync Ref usually starts at 48k and changes to 44.1k when sync is established.  Today, the system clock changes to 48k after sync and the AutoSync Ref stays at 48k.

I need to work at 44.1k, as my session is set to.

Re: PCI Multiface will not set system clock to 44.1k

I seem to have sorted out the immediate problem myself, after a suggestion from the SAW forum made me try something else.  Playing a 44.1k audio file in Media Player forced the HDSP settings back to 44.1k - I don't understand why SAW couldn't apparently do that this time.

However, I'm stilled concerned about this and I'd like to know what may have caused the issue and how I can prevent it from happening again.  Any insights and suggestions would really be appreciated.