Topic: AD-2 (classic version...) digital output

Hello. I am looking for advice on how to get digital output back to my DAW. I'm using Cubase Pro 9.
My current audio device is a M-Audio Profire 2626 on Windows 7 64 bit.
I can send digital out from it to my AD-2 (coaxial of spdif) with no problem but the only way to go back to Cubase in order to print my stereo mixes are through the analogue output of the AD-2.
When I choose the digital input from the print track INs, I get very loud noise coming to the inputs. No audio.
Also, I could only monitor the audio through the headphone sockets of the AD-2. I read somewhere that there is a way to select its output via interns socket??
Any help will be appreciated.
Cheers. Y
PS: I was surprised the lack of information on YouTube for the AD-2
Everything that I found was about the Pro version...

Re: AD-2 (classic version...) digital output


please take a picture of the front panel configuration and upload it to Dropbox or

Daniel Fuchs