Topic: Fireface 800 sampling freq change issue

Hi all,
I'm new to the forum, as I have just bought a fabulous 11 years old FF800 in perfect conditions. I'm experiencing a random software (I think) issue on Windows 10 Pro that I wanted to check in and see if it's known.
If I have any ASIO software open and I by any chance open a second one, 50% of the times, at the moment the second software takes control of the interace, I get a machine gun burst sound, continuous and very loud, from every output, and I have to power cycle the interface. Please note that this does NOT happen if I close Application 1 before opening Application 2.
I suspect it might be associated with sampling frequency chenge
MMCS is enabled in  Fireface Settigs, and exclusive control and priority are checked in Windows interface settings
Anyone knows the issue and can address it? I'm particularly concerned about spekaers safety as the spike is continuous and veery loud.
Thanks everyone and glad to be here!