Topic: Sound issues w/Multiface I need a new PCI card?

Recently my MF II has been acting up. I record only vocals through external preamps, and use only analog connections. Intermittently, with no pattern, the sound when monitoring off of the headphone jack and going into the DAW thins out significantly, and the sound is spread rather than being mono. The best I can describe it is it is as if I've changed the phase on the preamp. If I do change the phase, it can sound slightly better, but is still obvious that it is the incorrect phase. If I switch the mic to an analog soundboard and monitor directly off of that, it sounds as it should. I've also noticed that at times 44.1 cuts off any sound, but I can switch to any other option (48 or 96) and I get sound back. And, 96 sounds significantly better (but still thin) than 44.1. I've tried moving the PCI card to two other slots, and also replaced the Firewire cable. I've got the latest drivers installed. Sometimes after rebooting it sounds as it should, but after a short while something happens and the sonics change...and there is no obvious way to get them back.

I see where I could still order a new PCI card. Is this type of sound issue being driven off of the card vs. the box? Is putting a new card in a proper and likely step for resolution, or is there possibly some other system issue in my PC that would cause this issue? Am I just better to buy a new/current interface? I've swapped cables, preamps, rebooted my PC many times, but it's either there immediately, or it comes back shortly. Love my MF II. Hoping someone can give me some direction for proper troubleshooting. This has my recording stopped dead in its tracks.

Thanks in advance.