Topic: Sonar freeze when changing ASIO settings

Please help:  I can’t change ASIO buffer settings without Sonar (Platinum, not Cakewalk) by freezing.

I’ve tried it from within Sonar (which opens the HDSPe control panel), and by opening the control panel directly from the task bar.

Essentially, I have to exit Sonar, change the settings in the control panel, then re-open Sonar, in order to change buffer settings.

It wasn’t like this before rev. 33, though it sometimes took a few seconds longer than I would expect (and may have frozen once or twice, can’t recall), but the strangeness is why I checked RME's site and updated the firmware.

Driver is up to date. Using W10 Pro. Same issue on all projects, large or small.

Does anyone have any advice?

Also, as a general matter, should I just be going straight to the control panel to change ASIO settings (i.e., while in Sonar), or go the “normal” route via Sonar/preferences/ASIO control panel?

Finally, I tried various MMCS configurations (on in Sonar, off in control panel - the default - and every other combination, but to no avail). Also wondering about that generally - there certainly doesn’t seem to be a consensus on the best configuration in any DAW, though I’m only using Sonar.

Thank you very much in advance.

Re: Sonar freeze when changing ASIO settings

Oh, and using with Antelope 32+ via MADI