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Topic: [SOLVED] Question to HDSPE MADI FX and setup related


the UFX+ Madiface USB3 driver always works with the full amount of channels, no matter how many channels are in use, because there is no other way in the bulk transfer mode if I remember right from forum.

I read in the product description of the HDSPE MADI FX card, that this card/driver is optimized to take system/driver resources only for  those audio channels, which actually are in use.

Q1 Did I understand it correctly, that resource / CPU consumption really increases "per audio channel" or per MADI bus 1, 2, 3 ?

Q2 Assumed resource consumption increases per audio channel, what triggers it inside ie Cubase? Adding channels in VST connections alone or when audio transfers actually happen ?

From handbook I learned that serial connections between up to 8 MADI devices to one MADI bus add a certain latency per added device.

Q3 does this mean, that the RTT time of the ASIO driver shown in the DAW increases per added MADI device on one MADI bus ?

Q4 Would the latency decrease when ie connecting two Octamic XTC to two separate MADI busses on the HDSPe MADI FX card ?

Q5 Would it be possible in the 1st step to connect two XTC to HDSPE'S MADI bus 1 and 2 and to use the UFX+ as permanent Durec backup recorder on MADI bus 3 of the card and eventually to use some of the analog and digital ports on demand like ADAT2 for optical SPDIF ?

In a potential 2nd step I would think of a MADI router in front of the HDSPe MADI FX to get audio streams from different recording rooms and to send it to the HDSPE MADI FX and to one or two UFX+ ie as Durec recorder in parallel.

Q6 Does the MADI router increase latency, if yes how much pls approximately?

Back to scenario without MADI router

Q7 If one UFX+ is connected to HDSPE'S MADI channel 3 for 64 channels to be recorded by Durec. Does this alone increase CPU usage of the HDSPE driver ? Or only if audio is being transferred / actively routed in the routing matrix ?

What would be the advantages of the MADI router ?

Q8 ie  offload Durec backup traffic completely from the HDSPE MADI FX?

Q9 ability to avoid added latency when adding devices serial to one MADI bus ?

Q10 ability to send the Audio Streams from ie multiple XTCs to different devices, be it ie two DAWS or mixer with MADI interface ?

Q11 Is the driver for this PCIE card as frequently upgraded in terms of new features like TM FX version like the other drivers? Am asking because driver is at version 2.x  and was updated in Mai, compared to HDSPE driver being upgraded in July.

Many thanks for your comments / answers upfront.

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Re: [SOLVED] Question to HDSPE MADI FX and setup related

Bought the device, a very nice unit.

X10SRi-F, Win7 Prof, Cubase 9.5, UFX+, Octamic XTC, ADI-2 Pro FS BE/DAC, RayDAT, ARC USB