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Topic: ARC USB: display of output gain change for interfaces without display

I would regard it as a very useful extension of TM FX to display the volume on Windows screen
a) either permanently or
b) when you trigger a change by turning the wheel of the ARC USB.

Maybe this could be displayed:

1.  in a ballon type message over the TM FX icon in the info field shall the user select to see this only when you actually turn the wheel with a configurable time, how long the ballon tip shall be displayed after stopping to turn the wheel

2. or even permanently in a special field in the Windows info area which permanently displays gain for one or more outputs like i.e.: Main Out, Main Out B, Phones 1..4 (best user configurable in TM FX for which HW outputs).

This would be very useful for all RME recording interfaces, which
- support ARC USB (many) and
- which can't display the colume change in a display on the device (also quite a lot, especially PCI/PCIe cards)

And for systems which have only one display.

Would something like this be possible ?

I would be extremely glad working now i.e. with HDSPe MADI FX, Octamic XTC and ARC USB.

Would be very interested how RME and other users would rate this idea.

Many thanks for your thoughts on this topic.

X10SRi-F, Win7 Prof, Cubase 9.5, UFX+, Octamic XTC, ADI-2 Pro FS BE/DAC, RayDAT, ARC USB